Delegate Comments

Music & Media Finland shed a light on the deep pool of talent that Finland has to offer. I was absolutely amazed by the artists and the music professionals that I met and hope to build those relationships for future projects.

- Kaylin Frank (Walt Disney Studios, USA)

For us Music & Media is the gate to the Finnish music market. We can increase our relationship to Finnish music acts and companies and have the great opportunity to find partners for our own market.

- Andrew Campbell (Gordeon Music / G-Records, Germany)

Music & Media Finland was a very well run conference, which brought together delegates from all over the world to help the delegates to discuss the state of the music industry from a global perspective.

- Justin Bridgewater (The Agency Group, USA)

Music & Media Finland provided unparalleled access to world-class talent that is both relevant and ready for licensing and branding possibilities.

- David Hayman (Supersonic Creative, Canada)

This is the Scandinavia Music Industry Event in my opinion.

- John Cloud (Head of International, Playground Music Scandinavia, Sweden)

The passion of the people, the music, and the zest for the evolution of the music industry, all comes together at Music & Media Finland - a must attend event.

- Cara Sanna (Mercury Communications Group, Canada)

Music & Media is connecting good people in a good place.

- Vladimir Kravchenko (Kapkan, Russia)

Music & Media Finland is better organised than any multiple venue conference I've been to. The bookings made for the seminars were excellent and incredibly varied.

- Michael Woods (Nomanis Booking, UK)