Industry Awards -winners 2017

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Tampere Music Award goes to Pelle Lidell

The winner of this year’s Tampere Music Award is Pelle Lidell, one of the most successful European music publishers in recent decades.

The Tampere Music Award will be handed to Pelle Lidell at the Industry Awards Gala on Friday 6 October in Tampere. The prize is given by Perttu Pesä from Visit Tampere.

Pelle Lidell will be interviewed on a Keynote interview about the global music publishing business, importance of networks and Nordic songwriting talent, on Friday at 15:00 at Music & Media by the Chairman of Finnish Music Publishers Association, CEO and founder of Elements Music, Tommi Tuomainen.

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Finest Sounds goes to Japan!

Finest Sounds is a Finnish-Estonian cross-border cooperation initiative in the music sector. Its objective is to bring more high quality Finnish and Estonian music to Japan - the second biggest music market in the world. Music & Media Finland is a partner of the Finest Sounds project and it brings the participating music companies from Estonia and Finland together with brands from other sectors such as fashion, games and hi-tech and a large group of Japanese music business experts, who also participate in the general seminar program.
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Top music supervisors from UK to Music & Media Finland!

Trends & Opportunities in the UK Sync World

In association with the UK & European Guild Of Music Supervisors, we'll be joined by some of the top music supervisors in the UK from across the film, TV, advertising & games sectors to get the inside track on the processes involved in finding & licensing music to picture. With combined supervision credits ranging from Wonder Woman to Oasis:Supersonic, Gran Turismo to Audi we'll be looking at examples of their work and discussing the emerging trends & opportunities out there for rights-holders and artists in this fast-paced world.
Duncan Smith (Senior Music Supervisor: Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe) is the moderator and the panelists are Ayla Owen (Head Of Music at The Most Radicalist Black Sheep - BBH), Iain Cooke (Independent Film/TV music supervisor) and Karen Elliot (Founder of Hothouse Music)

A Day in The Life of an A&R

A&R representatives from influential European major and indie labels reveal some of the joys and challenges of their job. They will discuss what kind of pieces their daily work constructs of and how they like to discover artists. The conversation also touches upon subjects such as how does A&R work differ from market to market and if there are still prejudices for women in A&R. Panelists are Victoria Ree (Polydor Records, UK) and Arina Logacheva (Universal Music, Germany). More panelists TBA.

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International Summit 2017

International Summit 2017

The themes for Music & Media International Summit in 2017 are passion for music, equality and diversity, and the program will also focus in sync and the Japanese market. The conference is set for two days of effective business, conference and showcases on Thursday and Friday. The music industry will also celebrate the Industry Awards Gala on Friday at Music & Media.

Two of the international seminar tracks are music synchronization and the music market of Japan. Within the music synchronization track, repertoire owners will present their songs to music supervisors in Get Synced! Workshops. As a new edition, Score! Workshop will introduce film and other AV production score writers to the music supervisors. The workshop sign up for repertoire owners and composers will open in August.

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