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Keynote: Spotify and the Way We Listen Now
Keith Jopling, the Global Head of Strategic Intelligence at Spotify will discuss the development of digital music so far and showcase Spotify's market-leading feature and content innovation. Jopling will focus on the most innovative areas in digital music: discovery, curation and personalisation, as well as discuss how the way we consume music is set to change dramatically.
Keynote by Keith Jopling (Spotify)
Friday 7.10.

What were they syncing?
Hear the extraordinary stories behind music choices in games, movies and worldwide advertisement campaigns as told by the music supervisors. The stories include successful artist collaborations and surprising discoveries. The panel will discuss cases from each music supervisor including the to be released animated musical comedy Sing (Jojo Villanueva) as well as an ad for chewing gum brand Extra that became a worldwide viral hit, featuring a cover recording of "Can't Help Falling In Love" (Daniel Kuypers) and many more.
Moderator: Miika Särmäkari
Panelists: Jojo Villanueva (Format Entertainment, USA), Morgan Thoryk (TBWA, Media Arts Lab, USA), Duncan Smith (Sony Playstation, UK), Daniel Kuypers (Energy BBDO, USA), Alicia Leinot (Tracks & Fields, Germany)
Thursday 6.10.

How should the streaming-income be distributed
Many people think, that Spotify and other streaming-services should distribute the income from premium-customers through a so-called user centric -model, instead of the current pro rata -model. What's the difference, and should the model be changed? There has already been a survey about the matter in Norway, and the panel will also reveal the findings of this survey.
Panelists: Lottaliina Pokkinen (Suomen Muusikkojen Liitto ry), Markus Nordenstreng (Elvis ry), Arnt Maasø (University of Oslo), Tom Pannula (Playground Music Oy)
Thursday 6.10.

Nordics - The Streaming Superpower
Streaming services have lifted the global music markets to a rise - and the Nordics were the first to embrace the change. How has this affected the Nordic markets' global standing? Nordic major and indie labels' representatives discuss the Nordic countries role as a testing platform for streaming, their artist export and how it has changed the labels' actions and decisions. Lukas Graham's success will be discussed as an artist export example.
Moderator: Francine Gorman (Nordic Playlist)
Panelists: Gaute Parbo Niemann (Copenhagen Records), Mark Fry (Warner Music Nordic), Jonas Sjöström (Playground Scandinavia), Keith Jopling (Spotify)
Friday 7.10.


Seminar program

You will find the seminar program and schedules here.


More International Summit topics revealed in Music & Media Finland

The European live music industry will be discussed in two topics this year. "Festival Exports - How Brands travel" will discuss the recent phenomenon of strong festival brands conquering new cities and markets. Represented are at least Lollapalooza Berlin and Weekend Festival.

Radicalization and political instability are increasingly affecting our everyday lives. The foundations of EU are shaking, Europe is not unanimously welcoming and open-minded and the fear for our personal security has had an effect on how we move about and perceive things. "Building Walls - Global Crises and the Live Music Industry" will discuss how the recent events and political turbulence in and around Europe have affected and will change the live music industry from the perspective of security, artists' and concert-goers' experience as well as the economy.

On the topic of music synchronization, "The Anatomy of Film Trailer Music" will shed light on the creative process of film trailers from both the music supervisors' and the music writers' sides. "What Were They Syncing?" will look at stories behind successful music placements in worldwide advertisement campaigns, games and films. For example, how to make a chewing gum ad a worldwide viral hit will be discussed with the music supervisor of the Extra Gum commercial featuring a cover recording of "Can't Help Falling In Love" among other great sync cases.

Full panel lineups and more topics to be announced soon.

Sign in for Get Synced! Workshop in International Summit
In Get Synced! Workshops, the music supervisors at International Summit will present their current projects and shed light on what they're currently looking for. The participants will try to meet the needs of the music supervisors and send songs they represent to be discussed at the workshop to find out possible uses for their songs.

Sing in for the workshop by 24th of September on Music Finland website.


A miniature festival for metal heads adds more variety to Lost In Music line-up

Lost In Music, a festival dedicated to showcasing new Finnish music, expands into the metal territory in October. Metal Export Finland, a mini-festival organized as a part of Lost In Music, consists of eight topical heavy metal acts, seven of which are from Finland and one all the way from Canada.

Promoter Rowan Rafferty of Nem Agency sums up the new event:
- Finland is the promised land of metal music, and for the longest time the genre has been one of our best-known exports abroad. In Metal Export Finland, we are showcasing what we think are the best and most promising current bands while waving the local Tampere flag. I personally believe the program will stir interest for Music & Media Finland and Lost In Music Festival have always been important attractions for foreign metal music experts.

Bands selected for Metal Export Finland are, among others, Tampere-based Ember Falls and Whispered. Both have shown great promise and created waves both in Finland and abroad. Ember Falls has made a global recording contract with Universal Music and Spinefarm earlier this year, and Whispered will make an UK tour before their Lost In Music performance.

Thursday 6 October 2016


International guests

Doing business in Japan is one of the seminar topics of Music & Media Finland 2016. The first confirmed Japanese music industry speaker is festival and concert promoter Onta Kawaguchi (Creativeman Productions Co., Ltd / Summer Sonic and Loud Park Festivals).

Among the music supervisors confirmed for Get Synced! workshops are Music Supervisor of the Year 2015 for Straight Outta Compton Jojo Villanueva, Johnny Choi (Fox Films), Morgan Thoryk (TBWA, Media Arts Lab), USA, Duncan Smith (Sony Playstation), UK and Alicia Leinot (Tracks & Fields), Germany.


Nordic Business Forum Live Stream and Music & Media Finland under the same roof

The Nordic Business Forum Live Stream event arranged in Tampere 6-7 October 2016 is relocating from the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre to the Solo Sokos Hotel Torni, the homebase of Music & Media Finland.

The event organisers want to make the contents of Scandinavia's biggest business seminar available for the music-industry professionals participating in Finland's leading event in their field, as well. Nordic Business Forum's main topics of this year - digitalisation, company culture and marketing - are an excellent addition to the extensive programme of Music & Media Finland.

The Nordic Business Forum Live Stream will follow the same concept as the sold-out main event in Helsinki. The business decision-makers participating in the Tampere Live Stream event get to enjoy the main event's speeches and expand their networks. Networking may be assisted with the Brella tool, and Finnish and Russian translations of the contents provided in English are available free of charge via a mobile application. Questions can also be submitted from Tampere to the main stage in Helsinki. The commentator of the Tampere event is Kari Korkiakoski, CEO of Futurelab Finland.

The Tampere event is organised by Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd's event unit Finland Events under NBForum Oy's licence.

Music & Media Finland offers 15 seats at the time based on 'first come, first served'. But if you would like to ensure your seat to the Live Stream, you can buy a ticket in advance when signing up to Music & Media Finland.

Live Stream tickets for Music & Media delegates:
Nordic Business Forum Live Stream 2016 THURSDAY 6.10. -ticket 50€ (+ VAT. 24%)
Nordic Business Forum Live Stream 2016 FRIDAY 7.10. - ticket 50€ (+ VAT. 24%)
Nordic Business Forum Live Stream 2016 THURSDAY & FRIDAY 6. - 7.10. -ticket 90€ (+ VAT. 24%)


Music & Media seminar program is on the way! * Early Bird rates still available!

In 2016, Music & Media's international conference program International Summit returns with two days of content of high quality panels, workshops and networking. International Summit will feature topics such as the Nordic streaming market, sync and brand partnerships and will discuss pop music producers' influence on music trends. International Summit's sync day features influential examples of international syncs and brand partnerships. In addition, the praised Get Synced! workshops are back in 2016.

The Early Bird rates apply till 31 March:

235 € incl. seminars, Lost In Music -showcase gigs
355 € incl. seminars, Lost In Music -showcase gigs, Industry Awards Gala show & dinner in Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere on. Oct. 8th at 18.00.

You will find all information regarding registration here.

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