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Music & Media would like to thank you!

Music & Media 2015 has successfully come to an end. Thanks again to all our delegates, panelists and moderators!

Our program was bigger and better than ever before. Fascinating seminars attracted approximately 800 participants to Tampere. The Lost In Music showcase festival kept the audiences entertained with more than 100 artists throughout the course of four evenings.

Music & Media International Summit offered two days of popular content. On Thursday sync cases such as Avicii & Volvo as well as Eminem & Call of Duty were presented in "Power Placements". Get Synced! Workshops offered a possibility for participants to meet 12 music supervisors and present their music for the supervisors' projects. Festivals 2030 and Songwriters' Talk were crowd-pleasers. In Festival 2030, festival heads such as Suvi Kallio (Flow Festival) and Tamás Kádár (Sziget) were met by the executive producer of Slush challenging them to think the possibilities technology creates for festival venues. In Songwriters' Talk Sean Douglas told the story of how Talk Dirty became a worldwide smash hit for Jason Derulo and chatted with his Nordic colleagues about the process of songwriting.


Industry Awards 2015 winners

The best of the Finnish music industry in 2015 got their awards on Saturday 17th October in the Industry Awards Gala. List of the Industry Awards 2015 winners is here.


International Music Industry Award to Holger Tiefenbach

The sixth annual Tampere Music Award will be presented to a vital character in the export of Finnish metal music. German Holger Tiefenbach, who has over 27 years of experience in the industry, is best known for his work at globally active metal label Nuclear Blast. Currently Tiefenbach works as the company’s Head of Distribution but has throughout the years taken care of e.g. A&R, production, marketing and managing of artists.

Holger “Holle” Tiefenbach has developed a deep affection towards Finland and Finnish metal music and has been a key person in helping Finnish metal acts get signed to Nuclear Blast. For example Nightwish, Children of Bodom, Amorphis, Sonata Arctica and Stratovarius have found a home and a dedicated team with the company, thus gaining international boost for their careers.

Through determination and perseverance, Mr. Tiefenbach has had a significant effect on globally known success stories. He is a familiar face in Finland, where he has visited more than 150 times according to his own estimate.

Hard-working Mr. Tiefenbach has collaborated with 180 artists and helped release approximately 1,300 albums. He reminisces over the years at Nuclear Blast:

“Many of my dreams have come true. 21 years ago we decided to make Nuclear Blast the world’s leading metal label – and we did! I have had the pleasure of working with fine artists and their teams, made tons of friends and traveled across the globe. There has not been one reason for me ever to consider leaving the company!” One of Holger Tiefenbach’s long-term dreams was realized in 2014 when Nuclear Blast signed the legendary Slayer.

”I have known Holle for about 20 years. He has not aged during that time. Holle’s affection for Finland has been visibly clear throughout the years as well. The work he has done for Finnish metal music is simply astonishing”, states Mr. Riku Pääkkönen of Spinefarm label and Ranka Kustannus, who has worked with Tiefenbach extensively.

“Holger might very well be the most competent Export Manager we have ever encountered. His memory is astounding; Holger remembers the sales by country by heart, and in addition he has personal relationships with each country’s distributors and partners. Holger alone has helped a number of Finnish metal bands to gain international recognition. Let his ‘no bullshit’ attitude lead the way for today and tomorrow’s industry professionals around the world”, says Mr. Ewo Pohjola, the manager of Nightwish.

Tampere Music Award is a part of a shared strategy of City of Tampere and Music & Media Finland. The goal is to increase the event’s international competence by making Music & Media Finland the central meeting spot for industry professionals from Finland, Scandinavia, Russia, the Baltics and eventually all Europe.

Mr. Tiefenbach will receive his award Saturday 17th of October in the Industry Awards Gala. 

The Award, designed by smith Jorma Dahlström, will be handed out by the deputy mayor of Tampere, Ms. Anna-Kaisa Heinämäki.


Festivals 2030

Festival trends of today vary from green and urban to VIP tickets and laser lights but what will festivals look like in 15 years? The top European festival executives put their heads together to envision the festivals of the future.

Panelists: Tamás Kádár HUN (Sziget Cultural Management), Suvi Kallio FIN (Flow Festival), Nicolas Dolenc FIN (Slush)
Moderator: Zachris Sundell (Live Nation Finland)
Friday October 16

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