Top music supervisors from UK to Music & Media Finland!

Trends & Opportunities in the UK Sync World

In association with the UK & European Guild Of Music Supervisors, we'll be joined by some of the top music supervisors in the UK from across the film, TV, advertising & games sectors to get the inside track on the processes involved in finding & licensing music to picture. With combined supervision credits ranging from Wonder Woman to Oasis:Supersonic, Gran Turismo to Audi we'll be looking at examples of their work and discussing the emerging trends & opportunities out there for rights-holders and artists in this fast-paced world.
Duncan Smith (Senior Music Supervisor: Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe) is the moderator and the panelists are Ayla Owen (Head Of Music at The Most Radicalist Black Sheep - BBH), Iain Cooke (Independent Film/TV music supervisor) and Karen Elliot (Founder of Hothouse Music)

A Day in The Life of an A&R

A&R representatives from influential European major and indie labels reveal some of the joys and challenges of their job. They will discuss what kind of pieces their daily work constructs of and how they like to discover artists. The conversation also touches upon subjects such as how does A&R work differ from market to market and if there are still prejudices for women in A&R. Panelists are Victoria Ree (Polydor Records, UK) and Arina Logacheva (Universal Music, Germany). More panelists TBA.

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International Summit 2017

International Summit 2017

The themes for Music & Media International Summit in 2017 are passion for music, equality and diversity, and the program will also focus in sync and the Japanese market. The conference is set for two days of effective business, conference and showcases on Thursday and Friday. The music industry will also celebrate the Industry Awards Gala on Friday at Music & Media.

Two of the international seminar tracks are music synchronization and the music market of Japan. Within the music synchronization track, repertoire owners will present their songs to music supervisors in Get Synced! Workshops. As a new edition, Score! Workshop will introduce film and other AV production score writers to the music supervisors. The workshop sign up for repertoire owners and composers will open in August.

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Martin Goldschmidt to Music & Media Finland

Martin Goldschmidt is MD and Founder of the Cooking Vinyl Group, which comprises Cooking Vinyl Records, Cooking Vinyl America, Cooking Vinyl Australia, Cooking Vinyl Publishing, Cooking Vinyl Australia Publishing and Cooking Vinyl Property.

Cooking Vinyl Records, home to The Prodigy, Marilyn Manson, Billy Bragg Richard Ashcroft and Passenger, is one of Europe’s prime artist-focused independent labels and the originator of innovative services-only deals that claim no stake in artists’ copyrights.

Martin founded the UK's first online distribution company (sold to IODA/Orchard/Sony), a management company and a booking agency (sold to Rob Challice/CODA), Essential Music, sold to Sony Red, and and has promoted more anti nuclear benefit gigs then anyone else on the planet.


More international speakers to Music & Media 2017

Equality is among the main themes for Music & Media 2017. Therefore we want to highlight women who have built remarkable music business careers in areas that are typically male dominated. One of this year's keynote speakers is legendary American record producer and engineer Sylvia Massy. Besides having worked with such famous acts as Prince, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Aerosmith, Foo Fighters, Björk and Blur, she is also known for doing many projects with producer Rick Rubin. In addition to her Grammy winning and multi-platinum record productions she is also an author. In the Music & Media keynote she will speak about her career and experiences, and she will also participate in a panel discussion about gender equality in music business.

Takayuki Suzuki (President/ EnterTech Accelerator, ParadeALL)

Takayuki Suzuki is an industry veteran and strategic consultant for many entertainment and tech companies. His distinguished career has included roles as Head of Mobile at MTV Japan and, most recently, Head of Digital Business Development for Universal Music Japan. He has been an evangelist of digital transformation in the Japanese Music Industry and his vision, "EnterTech", is to bring new value to the entertainment industry with technology.

Takayuki is currently working as a mentor for recording and venture capital companies, global music streaming services and tech start ups. He is also Co-Founder of The Big Parade, the first music and technology conference in Japan which showcases a wide range of speakers including domestic established artists, brands, startups and platforms.

Tom Ohsawa (Office Ohsawa Ltd)

Tom Ohsawa is an independent live promoter and music business consultant based in Tokyo. He specializes in jazz, World and other non-mainstream genres. Tom has promoted very diverse artists from around the World, from English prog rock legend Peter Hammill (Van der Graaf Generator) to Finnish artists like Paulina Lerche, Jarmo Saari, Alamaailman Vasarat and Petteri Sariola.

After graduating from an international university in Tokyo with high grades, Tom was immediately accepted by Sony Corporation and assigned to the core management division in the headquarters, Corporate Strategy Department, in 1978. During his long and successful career at Sony both in Japan and overseas he held many top level roles which included being a personal assistant to company founder, then Chairman and CEO Akio Morita, as well as working as President of Sony Berlin, Deputy General Manager of Consumer Business Office, Sony Europe, General Manager of Corporate Strategy as well as Entertainment Strategy, President of Sony Urban Entertainment etc. Having formerly been involved in creating the Sony Center real estate development project in Potzdamer Platz, Berlin, Ohsawa was successful to conceptualize, budget, design, finance, find sponsors and lease a 26,500 square meter entertainment space in newly developed artificial island on Tokyo Bay. The place opened in 2000 and 11 million people visited within one year. The entertainment space included Sony-owned TLG (Tribute to Love Generation) club, and Tom was involved in booking artists like Finnish acts Kimmo Pohjonen, Maria Kalaniemi and Värttinä.

After leaving Sony in 2003, Ohsawa started his own company. Recently he has initiated the JENKKA connects People (featuring Letkis by Kardemimmit) Christmas campaign for major Japanese department stores Isetan in 2015 and a Sámi & Lapland themed campaign for Isetan stores in 2014.


Victoria Campoamor (YouTube & Google Play) and music journalist Ed Ward to Music & Media Finland 2017!

The first two Keynote speakers have been confirmed for the conference program: Victoria Campoamor, Head of International Music Publishing Partner Operations from YouTube and Google Play and Ed Ward, music journalist, rock-and-roll historian and founder of SXSW music festival.

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