Finest Sounds presents: Big in Japan?

How to break foreign artists in the world’s second biggest music market

Finest Sounds presents: Big in Japan?

International Program in englishPerjantai 6.10.Raide 2 / 12:00 - 13:00

Moderaattori : Haji Taniguchi (Merlin)

Panelistit: Aya Ohi (JVC Kenwood Victor Entertainment), Takayuki Suzuki (EnterTech Accelerator / ParadeALL) and Marc Wesseling (UltraSuperNew)

Fan culture in Japan is beyond what we’re used to. At the same time the way music is being consumed is changing rapidly. Breaking an act often requires collaboration with brands as well as large investment in marketing. The panel of experts in music and branded entertainment discusses latest trends in music, digitalisation and brand collaborations in Japan.