A Day in The Life of an A&R

A Day in The Life of an A&R

International Program in englishThursday 5.10.Raide 5 / 10:30 - 11:15

Moderator : Tapio Hakanen (YleX)

Head Of Music

Panelists: Arina Logacheva (Universal Music, Germany), Victoria Ree (Polydor, UK), Lasse Kurki (Warner, Finland), Jenni Kivikoski (Sony Music, Finland)

How does an A&R find the talent nowadays? What does it take from the artist to attract an A&R? How has digital era changed A&R work? How can one build long artist careers when a single can change everything?
A&R professionals from abroad and from Finland share keys to success in finding talent, building careers, and in developing A&R’s own expertise.