Score! Workshop

Score! Workshop

International Program in englishFriday 6.10.Risto (2nd Floor), Green Room (2nd floor) / 14:30 - 16:00

In Score! Workshop, film and media score composers will pitch themselves to the music supervisors and discuss what kind of projects the music supervisors are working with and what they are looking for and expecting from a score composer.

Music Supervisors present at the workshops:
Michelle Cho (Pusher, Hit The Ground Running, USA), Iain Cooke, (UK & European Guild of Music Supervisors, UK), Ayla Owen (The Most Radicalist Black Sheep Music BBH London, UK), Duncan Smith, (Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe, Playstation, UK), Nellie Rajabi, (SILO, Hit The Ground Running, USA), Karen Elliot, Hot House Music (UK), Sophie Urquhart, (Tin Drum Music, UK), Nicholas Nowottny (White Horse Music, Germany) and Amy Ashworth (UK)

Register to Music Finland by September 22nd.