The Metadata of Music Files

The Metadata of Music Files

International Program in englishThursday 5.10.Raide 2 / 14:00 - 14:45

Moderator : Anna Vuopala (Ministry of Education and Culture)

Panelists: Jari Muikku (Digital Media Finland), Hans Peter Roth (NMP), Victoria Campoamor (Google), Marja Kortelainen (Warner/Chappell), Teppo Lounema (Warner Music Finland)

How music business could benefit from adding songwriter and musician data to user interfaces of streaming services?
The panel focuses on the study by Jari Muikku: The Metadata of Music Files. It is about the flow of metadata from recording sessions to user interfaces of streaming services. The study describes how the metadata is currently produced and passed from one party to another, and discusses the main problems and challenges along the route including implementing moral rights in the user interfaces.